Sample of Matters Handled

  1. Class Grievance affecting 133 Emergency Medical Transport Workers.  (Arbitration 2015)
  2. Labor Dispute over Municipality’s use of temporary employees.  (Mediation 2015).
  3. International Business Dispute over developed hardware and business entities. Parties from England, Sweden, and USA. (Mediation 2014). 
  4. Interest Mediation/Arbitration pursuant to the San Francisco Charter.  Over 100 issues resolved and a new collective bargaining agreement approved.  (Med/Arb 2014)
  5. Wage and Hour Dispute in the Hospitality Industry.  (Mediation 2014).
  6. Race Discrimination Claim involving Bay Area Governmental Agency.  (Mediation 2013).
  7. International Banking Dispute—foreign and domestic parties.  (Mediation 2013).
  8. Interest Arbitration involving Homecare Providers in Humboldt County (Factfinding 2012). 
  9. Jurisdictional Dispute with three International Building Trades Unions involving the manufacturing of solar panels.  (Arbitration 2013).