Labor and Employment, Commercial and Business, Civil Rights, ERISA, Real Estate, Securities, Contract, Legal Malpractice, Fee Disputes, Intra-Organizational Disputes, Insurance Disputes, Construction Disputes and Med-Mal.


arbitration services

In arbitration matters, Bob Hirsch allows the parties to present their cases as they see fit—always within the parameters of “fair advocacy.”  Sessions are efficient and less formal than courtroom trials, however, all are expected to present only relevant evidence and focused arguments.  Bob  always endeavors to issue awards, which address all issues presented by the parties and reflect his effort to be thoughtful and fair.  

mediation services

In all mediation cases, Bob dedicates himself to working with the disputants in order to give all parties the best shot at crafting a resolution that is fair, practical and conclusive. He uses humor to temper intensity and intelligence to handle complexities. Mediation sessions are tailored to the parties’ needs and issues.

legal experience

Bob is a full time Mediator and Arbitrator based in San Francisco where he started practicing law in 1979. He has served as a full-time neutral for the past 12 years. Bob spent most of his professional career as a litigator and advocate, participating in trials, arbitrations, mediations and other dispute resolution processes.